Get Your Utility Rebate Appraisal from Nisair Air Conditioning.

When you install an energy efficient Lennox® heating or cooling system, you expect to get all the benefits that go along with it. Comfortable home, potentially lower energy bills, rebates and incentives. The first two are simple, but those rebates require a little extra work. How can you find out if you qualify? What does applying for the incentive require? Our team can respond to those questions and help you identify which programs you’re eligible for with a utility rebate appraisal.

Nisair Air Conditioning performs utility rebate appraisals in the Fort Pierce area. During an appraisal, one of our experts will evaluate your home’s energy savings and compare what we find to rebates available from your local utility company and governments. We can also test your systems to find out whether you qualify for ENERGY STAR® rebates for high efficiency HVAC systems. If you haven’t quite met the standards necessary for local incentive programs, we’ll let you know if there are ways you can improve so you can qualify.

If you’re trying to save even more with your energy efficient heating and cooling, look to Nisair Air Conditioning. We conduct utility rebate appraisals in Fort Pierce so you can take advantage of your system’s full range of benefits. Call us at 772-318-4252 or make your appointment online today.